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It's your card. Think about who you want to send it to. Is it for a health care worker? A patient? A senior? Or maybe one of each. What will you say? All we ask is that you include a message that would be appropriate for the person you are sending it to, and sign it. Some examples would be:


Health Care Workers: 'Thank You,' 'Thinking of You,' 'Way to Go' or 'Great Job!' 

Patients: 'Get Well Soon,' 'Feel Better,' 'Thinking of You,' or maybe a joke or story. 


Seniors: 'Thinking of You,' 'Hope you have a great day,' or maybe a joke or story



Design your card. Since you will be emailing your card to us, best to make it all on one page (not folded.) You can draw, paint, write a story, a joke. It's all up to you. Just make sure it includes a nice message for the person you are sending it to.


Sign your first name only. If you and your parents agree, you can include your age too! 


Take a picture of your card and have your parents email it  to us at:


We will collect all the cards received and send them to facilities in Toronto to be distributed to health care workers, patients and the elderly.